3 DIY Plumbing Mistakes

August 21, 2018

DIY faucet repair in Amarillo, TX

If you are looking online for do-it-yourself plumbing tips, think twice before you try to repair that leak in the faucet or patch up that pesky leaking pipe.

We understand that no one wants to call a plumber. A quick YouTube video can teach you all you need to know to fix the plumbing problem and when performed, the repair can go smoothly. However, deciding to take the do-it-yourself route could lead to worsening the problem or causing other damage in the process. This could cause the homeowner to make the job more expensive in the long run. Unfortunately, homeowners hesitate to call us after they have performed and failed to complete the do-it-yourself task.

Duct Taping Plumbing Leaks

We have seen it too often. A handy man has applied duct tape to a leaking pipe. This solves the issue in that moment but after a while, the water breaks through the adhesive causing the leak to reappear. This could cause the repair to be more expensive because now other parts of the house are involved such as the cabinets, floors, electrical wiring, etc.

Using the Wrong Parts

Sometimes we run into jobs where the homeowner has bought the wrong fittings and or pipe to fix a leak. We find out that they went to the hardware store with pictures of the pipe and fittings trying to match up what they see. They thought this was okay to go ahead and perform the DIY plumbing repair as long as the issue did not leak. In almost every situation, this has failed. The homeowner has either tried to use non pressure fittings on a pressurized part of the plumbing system. Sometimes they have used electrical conduit for a water pipe. Other times they use gas pipe fittings for water pipe fittings. one of the biggest mistakes in DIY plumbing repair is mismatching parts.

Not Remembering How The Plumbing Goes Back Together

Regularly, homeowners take apart their plumbing, realizing that they have no idea how to put it back together. In this moment, they have no other choice but to call a plumber. From our more than 20 years of experience, we often conclude that the job would have been inexpensive and simple if only the homeowner had called us first. Save your time, effort and extra costs that a DIY pluming repair can cause.

The experienced professional plumbers at Marquez Plumbing are only a call away. Do not hesitate to call.

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